2022 Semicon Taiwan major in 5G 6G market


The topic of the Semicon Taiwan 2022 are all about 5G, 6G, quantum computer, Net zero emissions 2050 and Metaverse…etc.

The semiconductor market is having the bright future. As the leader of semiconductor industry, Taiwan plays an important role that every country is seeking the opportunity working with us for upgrading the best skill in semiconductor production.

Taiwan is having a strong supplying chain in the local market that makes us leading the high tech world. As one of the local supplier, Solar plus company is working tightly with other tape manufacturers to keep up the tape suppliers from Japan.


In this Semicon, Solar plus brought the latest wafer BG tape, UV dicing tape, double side thermal release tape and PI tape for the show. These tapes are using in semiconductor production process, and we provide custom made service for more advance production project.

In these three days, we meet our old friends. We also brought the innovation ideas for semiconductor companies. The show is fully success this year as well.