Made in Taiwan product defeat the inflation

The change of year 2022 is quick and unpredictable due to the pandemic, war and inflation. How are we facing the recession is important for every company.

We are able to use this opportunity  on improving production process and facility maintenance.

Solar plus company provides cleaning tape for maintain your clean room facility. We also have more discussion time with engineers from semiconductor companies who are eager to improve production process. Double sided UV release tape, sandwich thermal release tape and transfer LED tape are our hot selling product that gets more inquires in these months. These tapes are made for improving production process.


Photo by D koi on Unsplash

Solar plus company is the semiconductor tape leader in Taiwan. Compare to Japanese brands, the advantages we have are:

1. Custom made and consulting.

2. More reasonable price.

3. Short lead time.

With more than 40 years of experiences, the smooth communication with our clients, we have established a great bonding with our clients. We provide the best services in the heart of Asia. We have the faith to work with our clients for next decade in ESG topic.