About Us

Founded in 1980, Solar Plus Company fabricates high performance tapes and adhesive films. In order to become the strongest supporter for semiconductor industry in Taiwan. We provide processional consulting and custom made service. Our hot selling semiconductor tape includes, UV release tape, wafer back grinding tape, substrate dicing tape, thermal release tape, PI tape. We also provide automobile application tape, medical tape,  insulation tape, bicycle tubeless rim tape, helicopter tape and variety industrial tape. 

At Solar Plus company, we take the Customer-First Principle as our top priority, we can make product designing, processing, manufacturing according to customer demands and offer OEM services.

In 2020, the pandemic changes everything rapidly. All companies must involve with digital transformation to cope with the teleconference and online exhibition. Solar plus established a creative crew for running Youtube channel. We gather our ideas and brain storm the marketing strategies together. We love to grow with our clients, and treat everyone as a partner. Humankind should stand together and fight through this pandemic.

In order to achieve the goal of 2050 Net-Zero Emissions, Solar plus company also takes action on ESG sustainability. We become the most reliable partner for our clients.