Solar plus company support ESG green energy industry

In Taiwan, the ESG sustainability is the hottest issue in semiconductor industry. ESG sustainability stands for:

1. E: Environmental

2. S: Social

3. G: governance


What we support for green energy industry

For the Environmental topic, Taiwanese government is counseling and guiding the green transition of industry for local companies.

The government leads us the action starting from greenhouse gas inventory, in order to apply the carbon footprint verification (CFV). Our goal is 2050 Net-Zero Emissions.

Before ESG issue, Solar plus company has installed the R.T.O. system to recycle the solvents and reuse the energy back in 2010.

We also work with the recycle material from GRS supplier to ensure the green product is required.

Recently, Solar plus company starts greenhouse gas inventory recently with our consulting team leading by Dr. Wen-Tsann Lin, Minth University of Science and Technology.

Solar plus company supports green energy market, and becomes the strongest supplier for these industries, such as: E-car chip, LED dashboard, driverless car radar sensor, solar power components, wind turbine blade and semiconductor industry.

Not only semiconductor industry, the latest product we launch is UV digital printing film, which is suitable for small among digital printing and no printing tooling requirement. This film can prevent extra materials wastes.

For traditional industry, we brain storm with our clients constantly for improving production process by custom made UV release and thermal release tape with special structures.  

2.jpgSolar plus company provide custom made tape with these special structures.

Not only focus on the environment topic for ESG, Solar plus also took action on the social and governance. We can work together for 2050 Net-Zero Emissions