Digital Transformation 2023 master plan

Solar plus company establish the upcoming year master plan – Digital Transformation 2023


We like to act imminently when problems occur and keep the big data passing on to new members as important records.

Due to the pandemic and war, the inflation causing the depression. It's a great timing for us to make the transformation comes true.

We were honor to invite Mr. Akiyama san to join our feast; Mr. Akiyama san was very please and happy that he could travel to Taiwan again after three years of the pandemic outbreak. Mr. Akiyama san shared good ideas and directed us what can we do more for our amoeba management.


For the theme of the feast, what can we do during the recession? We follow the Inamori Philosophy:

1.   Everyone can be sales

2.   Invention ideas on new product.

3.   Keep high production ability.

4.   Cost down totally.

5.   Building reliable relationship.

From this MP feast, we've marked a clear goal for 2023, and we believe we are heading to the brighter future.