What is wafer back grinding tape (BG tape)?

Taiwanese chip maker TSMC (2330.TW) on Tuesday said it would more than triple its planned investment at its new Arizona plant to $40 billion, among the largest foreign investments in U.S. history, as President Joe Biden visited and hailed the project. Quote from Reuters.

In semiconductor industry, we all know making one piece of chip require hundreds of process, and the yield is always the crucial key point of a fab. TSMC is the topnotch in this planet indeed.


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Semiconductor tape is playing an important role in the chip production process. We need different physical property tapes to deal with semiconductor front and rear end process. Solar plus company is the number one semiconductor tape supplier in Taiwan. We are able to support wafer back grinding tape at the front end process.  

What is wafer back grinding tape (BG tape)? As a wafer is produced, the wafer then needs to be back grinded and polished. The wafer needs to be stick and fixed on the tape, for couple hours of grinding. In order to make the tinning process smoothly, the BG tape is very important. If the flatness of the tape goes wrong which can cause the wafer uneven while back grinding. Once the tinning process is done, we remove the BG tape, and send the wafer into next process.


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Not only wafer BG process, we also supply UV dicing tape for semiconductor front end process. We offer different film and adhesive for custom made service. As a No. 1 semiconductor tape manufacturer, we understand the importance in Taiwan supplying chain, and we ensure providing the best service to support our clients.