The chairman Mr. Tseng established Sheng Xin Shu association for managers and owners from central Taiwan companies to study Inamori Philosophy together.

  Solar plus has won the 19th Golden wingspan Award which is from Workforce development agency, ministry of labor.

  Solar plus has won the 2022 Gold award of Initiatives in labor affairs.

  Solar plus has won the Enterprise Inherited Award from Taichung City General Industrial Association. 


  The chair man Mr. Tseng, Yu-gi was elected as the president of Taichung City General Industrial Association. Mr. Tseng is following the spirit of the Inamori Philosophy to expending the service for all the industries in Taiwan. 

  Mr. Tseng was assigned as Taichung city government advisor by Taichung mayor.

 Team up a Solar Plus creative crew and open an Youtube channel for post pandemic era marketing.

 Certificate of Talent Quality-management System (TTQS) - Bronze medal


 The chair man Mr. Tseng, Yu-gi was elected as the president of Taichung Rotary Clubs. Mr. Tseng introduces Inamori Philosophy and Amoeba management system for members to practice the rules in their companies.

 We celebrate our 40th anniversary. 2020 is a tough year, but we keep working hard and supporting our customers with a pure heart.


KYOCERA Communication Systems(KCCSbuilt the Amoeba management system for Solar Plus.


UV Dicing Tape and Thermal Release Tape are introduced.


Assembled 2nd RTO system, to increase the efficiency on thermal oxidizer regeneration.


RTO system was assembled, to achieve the goal of being environment friendly and energy saving.


A new coating line – A1 was assembled in class 10,000 clean room,


President Mr. Tseng, Yu-gi was re-elected as the 11th chairman of the Taiwan Regional Association of Adhesive Tape Manufacturers in April.


President Mr. Tseng, Yu-gi was elected to be chairman of the Taiwan Regional Association of Adhesive Tape Manufacturers in April.


LED seal casting tapes, LCD screen protection tapes, and high temperature resistant double sided tapes were introduced..


Polyimide tapes and MLCC –related tapes are introduced.


Cooperation with Japanese company – Okamoto, work together manufactured specialty tapes. A new multi function, precise coating line was assembled. Official website was introduced, and entered the e-commerce.


Joined ITRI Taiwan program on R&D of protection tape and acquired ISO 9001 certificate


Computerized programs for all departments. And UL certification on Mylar tapes.


Global connections are added in Shanghai China


A new production line was assembled for precision coating that manufactured specialty adhesive tapes.


Enhancement on employee professional training program. Security and destructible products were SGS approved, to increase product value.


3rd production line was invested, and R&D department was established.


Label stock products were brought into production line, and expanded local sales offices in Taipei, and Taichung.


Solar Plus Company was established by Mr. Tseng, Yu-gi in Taichung, and manufactured self adhesive materials (film/paper).