The specialty of Solar Plus’ double side tapes

It is a snake season here in Taiwan, and there are many cases of snakes invading people's house every year. It could cause danger by removing the snakes on your own.

It was an unwritten rule that if there is a snake invading your house, you need to call 911 and ask fire fighters for help in Taiwan.

Now it's a new rule, you need to call your local agriculture bureau to remove the snakes. The agriculture bureau suggests you can put a double side tape on the ground where the snakes may pass by to prevent the snake moving forward to your house.

In order to stick the snakes with no harm, a silicone base tape is the best choice for trapping a snake. 


*No snake is harmed in this photo. 

Here we like to introduce our product SDA274, a 5 layers structure with differential adhesive double side tape. The specialty of this model is one side with high adhesion acrylic adhesive, the other side is coated with silicon adhesive. The high adhesion side can be apply facing the ground, and the silicone side is for taking care of the snakes. No harm for the skin of the snakes guarantee.  

This is our best choice on preventing snakes, and it is also a hot selling product in semiconductor industry.

We provide custom made service to achieve the most advance production innovation and SDA274 is one of them.

The possibility of custom double side tape can be like SDA274 with two different kind of adhesion and adhesive. Or SDF series tapes, one side is coated with normal adhesive, the other side is coated with thermal or UV release tapes.

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